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Fibromyalgia is a syndrome in which a person has long-term body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. 

It has been linked to fatigue, sleep problems and headaches. The causes are unknown. Many conditions may be seen with fibromyalgia or mimic its symptoms (e.g. chronic neck and back pain, depression, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism).  Other symptoms include IBS, memory and concentration problems (“fibro fog”), numbness and tingling in feet, decreased ability to exercise, tension or migraine headaches.

There are various treatments for fibromyalgia.  Usually the most difficult aspect of this disease is figuring out what is wrong in the first place, and then, when diagnosed, being told that this is a chronic and painful condition with no known cure.    *{ I (Mary Vatilla) personally understand this situation as I had symptoms for 25 years and was diagnosed 22 years ago.  I understand the pain, insomnia, exhaustion, fatigue, fibro fog, weight gain, and the frustration of wanting one's life back.  This is the reason why I studied Massage, Reflexology and Reiki, to help others with these symptoms.}

Massage can help alleviate pain and stiffness and tight muscles by using a variety of techniques.  Fibromyalgia patients' symptoms vary from light to severe, often accompanied by numbing fatigue.  Exercise is a very important technique in treating these symptoms, but often when pain and fatigue are extreme, the idea of exercising is unfathomable.  This is where massage is very effective.  Massage is a form of passive exercise; even patients with severe symptoms can benefit from the effects of massage without exercise (including increased circulation, release of toxins, decreased stress and pain).

Reiki is a gentle technique, and often the most appropriate treatment for a fibromyalgia client.  The Reiki practitioner senses and knows where to place her hands to help unblock meridians and clear chakras. Clients are routinely amazed how warm our hands become during the session, how relaxed and nurtured they feel, and often fall asleep during treatment, awakening refreshed and restored.

As an experienced, focused and caring therapist , I will discuss goals with clients before each session, and encourage feedback during and after the treatment.  Please consider me as an important component in your quest to attain or maintain your optimum level of wellness.

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( I thank Mary Vatilla, RN, LMT, CR, Reiki II Practitioner for writing this informative piece)

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