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Prenatal Massage

Touch Therapy and Massage during Pregnancy

Touch is usually a very positive thing for most people, so when you add to that the benefits of touch on healing and physical and emotional well-being, we know that the benefits are many. Massage is commonly used in athletics as a form of physical therapy, but it can also be used to relax and ease the mental and physical stressors of pregnancy.

The physical benefits of massage on pregnancy are numerous. Massage can help alleviate or prevent muscle aches and strains associated with physical changes in your body or exercise-related issues. It can also help increase and improve your circulation, a must when your pregnant body is dealing with an ever-expanding blood volume. It can also help with swelling issues and problems related to stress, such as insomnia and blood pressure concerns.

Massage can be done at nearly any point in pregnancy. We will schedule massages in blocks of time from thirty to sixty minutes depending on your personal needs. You can also set your own schedule for how often you receive massage. There is no one right answer for how often you can or should have a massage.

If you think massage is great for you, try it for your baby! Infant massage can provide benefits like less gas and colic, more peaceful rest, and just a great time with your new little one as you learn to respond to their needs and cues.




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